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Welcome to ESR Summer Sprint

Welcome to ESR Summer Sprint. This championship is for all drivers regardless of age, experience or ambition. To be able to run the championship it requires a user at ESR Summer Sprint will not be using Race Stewards. However, if any driver experiences any kind of harassment, deliberate collision or revenge deeds, this should be reported immediately to, with a download link to the iRacing replay file and description.

  1. Sign up by clicking on the button below.
  2. You will then receive an e-mail with confirmation of your signup
  3. In the same e-mail there will be a link that directs you to the Summer Sprint iRacing League 
  4. On race day the sessions will show up under “hosted sessions” in iRacing
  5. Feel free to join our discord and become part of our community. 

iRacing GTE, Open Setup

ESR Summer Sprint will be using the iRacing GTE Cars for the series. Drivers are free to change car model from race to race. BoP Specifications will be iRacing standard. 


1st overall

  • 2 Person Tour at Formula Automobile sponsored by Formula Automobile
  • 1 Case of STATE Energy sponsored by STATE Energy
  • Shark Velocity mouse sponsored by Shark Gaming

2nd overall

  • 1 Case of STATE Energy sponsored by STATE Energy

3rd overall

  • 1 Case of STATE Energy sponsored by STATE Energy

4th overall

  • 1 Case of STATE Energy sponsored by STATE Energy


Shipping to Danish citizens only. 


Simulator iRacing
Car Model GTE
Setup Open Setup
Weather Dynamic
In Game Starting time Information will be available when joining the race server
Grid spots Max 54 cars
Time Schedule
Practice 19:00-20:00
Lone Qualify 2 laps 20:00-20:10
Race 20:10-20:55
Fast Repair 1
Start Procedure Flying Start
Maximum incidents

22 = Stop & Go

Every 5th after = Stop & Go

50 = Disqualify

Broadcast No Broadcast
Point system
Position Points Position Points
1 150 16 57
2 138 17 54
3 129 18 51
4 120 19 48
5 111 20 45
6 102 21 42
7 96 22 39
8 90 23 36
9 84 24 33
10 78 25 30
11 72 26 27
12 69 27 24
13 66 28 21
14 63 29 18
15 60 30 15



10.06.2020 Race 1 Sonoma (full)
17.06.2020 Race 2 Sebring International Raceway
24.06.2020 Race 3 Suzuka International Racing Course
01.07.2020 Race 4 Virginia International Raceway (VIR)
08.07.2020 Race 5 Road America
15.07.2020 Race 6 Watkins Glen
22.07.2020 Race 7 Barber Motorsport Park
29.07.2020 Race 8 Indianapolis Road Course
05.08.2020 Race 9 Spa Francorchamps (Endurance pit)
12.08.2020 Race 10 Monza GP

General Rules of Track Behaviour

Safe on track

It is a requirement that the drivers can control the car and drive safely among other drivers on the track in all sessions.

Deliberate collision

Deliberate collision of other drivers (revenge actions, dive bombs or anything like) are strictly forbidden.


If an overtaking car has the front wheel at your back wheel, it is both cars responsibility to make sure that both cars make it through the corner.

Lane Change

It is only allowed to change lane one time in order to defend a position. Moving under braking, or excessive weaving/blocking can be penalized.

Blue Flag

The blue flag must be respected. 

Pit Exit

The white lines at the pit exit must be respected in any official session. 

Track Limits

Track limit is between the white lines (on some tracks yellow lines) on the track. If all wheels are placed outside the lines, it is considered as leaving the track / exceeding track limits.


When exceeding track limits / leaving track, either by pushing too hard, by accident or mistake, it is the responsibility of the driver to enter the track safely.


It is not allowed to park the car on the track in any session.


It is not allowed to make shortcuts. Cutting penalties will work according to the the game standard rules. In any extreme situations, ESR will post supplementary regulations.


The championship will be using the penalty system featured in iRacing.

Race Start

The leading car must follow the pace car and keep and distance of maximum 3 car lengths to the pace car. As soon as the safety car leaves the track at the end of the formation lap, the class leader keeps a constant speed of 120 kph until the green flag starts the race.

Once the class leaders are in control of the field they must ensure that their actions do not cause issues of safety for those behind them, for example slowing down again. When causing dangerous situations, a penalty is at the discretion of the stewards.

Race End

Crazy behaviour after passing the finish line on last lap, will not be accepted.

The drivers should continue to next straight and safely exit to the lobby. 

Donuts are accepted for the winner of the race.