General Rules

 These are the general rules of track behavior. Please also read the specific rules for each championship.

  • It is a requirement that the drivers can control the car and drive safely among other drivers on the track in all sessions.
  • Deliberate collision of other drivers (revenge actions, dive bombs or anything like) are strictly forbidden.
  • If an overtaking car has the front wheel at your back wheel, it is both cars responsibility to make sure that both cars make it through the corner.
  • It is only allowed to change lane one time in order to defend a position.
  • Moving under braking, or excessive weaving/blocking can be penalized.
  • The blue flag must be respected. 
  • The white lines at the pit exit must be respected in any official session. 
  • When exceeding track limits / leaving track, either by pushing too hard, by accident or mistake, it is the responsibility of the driver to enter the track safely. 
  • It is not allowed to park the car on the track in any session. 
  • Track limit is between the white lines (on some tracks yellow lines) on the track. If all wheels are placed outside the lines, it is considered as leaving the track / exceeding track limits. 
  • It is not allowed to make shortcuts. Cutting penalties will work according to the the game standard rules. In any extreme situations, ESR will post supplementary regulations. 
  • If a driver causes a collision with another driver, the driver at fault must wait for the affected driver and return any positions gained, regardless of the time lost in doing so.

We strongly recommend to solve any issue through a dialogue in between the Drivers.  Race hard, be fair and have fun.