Calling all Nordic Sim Racers ! Let us unite and race against each other. Race Of Vikings the event where we crown the best vikings of the Nordic iRacing Community. This event is a 60 minutes Online race. It is organized in a cooperation between the Nordic Countries with the aim to unite the Nordic Countries for a better cooperation. The race will be broadcasted live with english commentary.



Find your best Team Mate and sign up to the Race of Vikings via the registration button above. Only two drivers are allowed pr. car. The grid will consist of the 50 Teams that has the highest average iRating in the registration. 6 Grid Spots will be reserved exclusively for cars with  Youtuber/influencers/streamers etc.

The Race


The Race of Vikings is the ultimate Team Sprint Race. It is flatout, all the way.Halfway through the 90 minutes race, all teams must do a mandatory pit stop in order to change drivers. This means that each driver needs to make an absolute full attack effort on every lap, in order to win the Race.



Bones heal but Glory Last Forever. Sign up to the Race and Drive like the True Race Viking that you are. Your gut feelings will lead you through the most intensive 90 minutes of your Sim Racing Career and secure you the ultimate space in the Halls of Sim Racing Valhalla.

Cars and track

We want to make the event easily accessible to any type of participant. Therefore, we have chosen to use fixed setup on the whole car class. In this way, the teams save time by not having to create a specific setup for the track and car.

iRacing GT4 Car Class – Fixed Setup

Rudskogen Motorsenter (NO)

2020 Winners


1st : Lasse Bak, Martin Christensen 
2nd : Mikkel Jensen, Lasse Sørensen
3rd : Sindre Setsaas, Kristian Skumlien