No matter if you are a professional, amateur or rookie, ESR offers you a variety of product that’ll suit your needs, preferences and budget. With great experience within both the digital and real motorsport, we combine the two worlds through professional expertise. Below we have show cased quotes from some of our customers.


Starting at 2600€ + VAT

Starting at 5700€ + VAT

Starting at 8400€ + VAT


Communication is the key to succes and we will be happy to give you the best service in order to build a turn key simulator which suits your needs as well as fitting into your budget.


Michelle Gatting

Iron Lynx

“Getting a simulator has been crucial in order to speed up the process of learning new tracks. ESR delivered a ready-to-play simulator and i am really excited about the final result”


Nicklas Nielsen

Ferrari Factory Driver

“ESR gave me a great support in the process of collecting the right parts for my simulator. I am surely happy with the choices”

Frederik Paulsen

Ferrari Challenge Driver

“After houndreds of hours in the Simulator at the ESR facility, I finally got my own Simulator with the equipment i always dreamed of. ESR did a great job in the whole process, from building to delivery. 


Christian B.

Ferrari Challenge Driver

“We wanted something completely different and got special designed two high-end simulators. We never thought they would be this useful for real life racing”


Peter C.

Ferrari FXX program

“I got two complete identical systems, which were designed to suit my demands for certain track packs and cars. I am really with the result” 


Frederik Baunsøe

Track Day Enthusiast

“The process from ordering to delivery went smooth and I am very happy now to be part of the ESR community”


Mikkel Jacobsen

Track Day Enthusiast

“I’ve been considering a simulator for a long time, but didn’t know where to start. ESR builded and installed a plug and play simulator at my home.”


Michael Madsen

Track Day Enthusiast

“I am very happy with the service. The simulator was delivered and I got a well explained introduction before i could start using it myself”