Porsche Denmark partners with ESR

Porsche Denmark partners with ESR

30 drivers will fight for the DM title in 2023

For the third season in a row, Porsche Denmark is behind the official Danish championship of digital motorsport, Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark. As many as 30 drivers will fight for the championship title, which starts in January.

For the past two years, Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark has offered top-level racing. The official Danish championship of digital motorsport, organized by ESR and Porsche Denmark, has set the stage for the best Danish esports drivers and at the same time provided entertainment to a growing crowd of fans.

Now the third round of the hard-fought championship is ready for the green flag, and this time a total of 30 drivers divided into 15 teams will compete for a total prize pool of DKK 80,000. Who gets the opportunity to participate in the 2023 edition of the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark will be decided by a large-scale pre-qualification, which will be held in the between the 9th and 12th of  December.

For those drivers who do not get through the eye of the needle, there will be a new opportunity to compete in the Talent Cup. This new championship will act as an incubator for fast young talents who dream of fighting in the Carrera Cup. In addition to the new talent series, the 2023 season also sees the debut of the 911 Trophy, where all esports drivers can sign up, regardless of their  level.

The new season of the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark also offers even better opportunities for the many fans, as all divisions of both the Carrera Cup as well as the Talent Cup and 911 Trophy are streamed by ESR directly on YouTube. The first division of the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark takes place on the 12th of January and then every other Thursday until the final on the 23rd of March – while the Talent Cup and 911 Trophy take place the following Tuesdays.

– At Porsche Denmark, we prioritize being active in motorsport, because it underpins the core of our brand’s history. Through esports, we have the opportunity to reach a younger and more tech-oriented audience, which matches reality in a world where our products are becoming more and more digital. Together with ESR, we have succeeded in developing a serious and attractive championship, which attracts the best Danish esports drivers and has created a strong fan base. The fact that the reigning champion, Mikkel Gade, has embarked on a Formula 4 career in the USA this year is proof of the talents we are dealing with. We are looking forward to another season with lots of entertaining races, where the Talent Cup and 911 Trophy give even more drivers the opportunity to try their hand at digital motorsport, says Katrine Bleeg, head of PR and marketing at Porsche Denmark.

– We are very happy to be able to continue the collaboration with Porsche Denmark. This means that we can keep the professional execution at the highest level and at the same time ensure good exposure for both teams and drivers. In recent years, digital motorsport has experienced enormous growth, and the professional commitment among teams and drivers must be said to have reached new heights. That’s why it will be exciting to see which drivers and teams are ready on the grid when the new season starts, says Promoter, Thor Alexander Qualmann.

Facts about Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark

Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark is the official Danish championship in digital motorsport under the Danish Automobile Sports Union and the Danish Sports Confederation. Drivers from both real and virtual motorsport participate in the championship, and all races are commentated and streamed live by ESR on YouTube. For the 2023 season, the field consists of 15 teams and 30 drivers, who qualify via an open pre-qualification. Participation in the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup requires an iRacing C license as well as an iRating of at least 3,500, and each team must be managed by a team manager. There is a driver’s championship, a team’s championship and an under 18 championship, and there is a total prize pool of DKK 80,000. The 2023 season also offers two new support series, Talent Cup as well as the 911 Trophy.

2023 Calendar 


Round Date Track Championship
Round 1  12/1/2023 Circuit de Barcelona PECCDK
Round 1 17/1/2023 Circuit de Barcelona PECCDK Talent Cup, 911 Trophy
Round 2  26/1/2023 Daytona Speedway  PECCDK
Round 2 31/1/2023 Daytona Speedway PECCDK Talent Cup, 911 Trophy
Round 3 9/2/2023 Fuji Speedway PECCDK
Round 3 14/2/2023 Fuji Speedway PECCDK Talent Cup, 911 Trophy
Round 4 23/2/2023 Road America  PECDDK
Round 4 28/2/2023 Road America PECCDK Talent Cup, 911 Trophy
Round 5 9/3/2023 Silverstone GP PECCDK
Round 5 14/3/2023 Silverstone GP PECCDK Talent Cup, 911 Trophy
Round 6 23/3/2023 Hockenheimring PECCDK
Round 6 28/3/2023 Hockenheimring PECCDK Talent Cup, 911 Trophy
The official danish championship is forming

The official danish championship is forming

The upcoming official Danish Sim Racing Championship will be starting in January 2023. The Championsihp has got a new structure, which will make it possible for all levels of drivers to participate. 

The championship has been renamed to “Sprint Pro” and “Sprint Trophy”. The Pro is for serious teams and drivers which are aiming to be crowned as the Official Danish Sim Racing Champion. The Trophy is division based and will make room for any driver no matter level. The promotor of the championship, Thor Qualmann, says :

“With this new structure we are able to accomodate both the elite and hobby Drivers. We want to keep the PRO series as a topdivision which will be very competitive” 

The number of divisions depends on how many drivers that sign up for the Championship. We aim to have 30 drivers on each division. The Sprint Pro and Sprint Trophy will be running under seperate regulations, compared to the Division 2,3,4 etc.


Sprint Pro and Trophy Division 1

In order to qualify for the Sprint Pro and Sprint Trophy Division 1, the Teams must participate in the hot lap based qualify which will take place in december 2022. Each team must sign up with two drivers, the average lap time of the drivers will determine the their position. The 15 fastest Teams will be invited to the Sprint Pro.

If your team do not make the cut for Sprint Pro, it will automatically be placed in the Sprint Trophy Division.

The Sprint Pro division will be broadcasted live with danish commentary, from ESR’s studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. All races will be transmitted via ESRs Youtube Channel.Thor Qualmann explains :

In the coming season we are not going to have TV2 as media partner on the Championship. We decided to take one step back and build our own studio. This studio will be used for this championship as well as other activites we are going to have in the future. 

Since 2018 the Official Danish Championship has been running under the names of Danish Esport Racing Championship and latest, Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark. 

Sprint Trophy

The Sprint Trophy division will be appealing for the wide community. In the divisions under Division 1, we will be focusing on the community, the regulations will be very close to the ones we know from the ESR GT3 Trophy.

The registration for the Sprint Trophy will be very simple, everybody can register. The drivers will be assigned divisions according to their iRating.


Provisional Calendar

Pre Qualify Sprint PRO 9-10-11/12/2023
Deadline Registration Sprint Trophy 31.12.2022
Sprint Pro Race 1 12/01/2023
Trophy Race 1 16/01/2023
Sprint Pro Race 2 26/01/2023
Trophy Race 2 30/01/2023
Sprint Pro Race 3 09/02/2023
Trophy Race 3 13/02/2023
Sprint Pro Race 4 23/02/2023
Trophy Race 4 27/02/2023
Sprint Pro Race 5 09/03/2023
Trophy Race 5 13/03/2023
Sprint Pro Race 6 23/03/2023
Trophy Race 6 27/03/2023


Provisional format for Sprint Pro and Trophy.

Practice 60 minutes
Qualify (lone 2 laps) 10 minutes
Race 1 15 minutes
Warmup 10 minutes
Race 2 25 minutes

In race 2, top 8 will be reversed.

Different settting

In the two previous years the finals in Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark was held as live event. In the coming season of the Danish Championship, the finals are going to be held online. Thor Qualmann explains :

The past two seasons our cooperation with Porsche Denmark and TV2 has been really good. We hope to continue the cooperation with Porsche Danmark, which means that we will be using the 992 Cup car in iRacing. Due to the budget, we plan to keep the finals online,  but on still on highest possible level. 

More information will be available during end of october, stay tuned on this page and on the ESR social media channels.



Sæsonstart Danish Esport Racing Championship

Vind en test i en Ferrari 488 Challenge bil


Dansk motorsport har for alvor fundet vej ind i den digitale verden, og den 6. november indledes anden sæson af det officielle Danish Esport Racing Championship – nu med ny stor samarbejdspartner og test af ægte racerbil som hovedpræmie.

Lyngby, 28. oktober 2019 – Danish Esport Racing Championship blev i 2018 lanceret som det første officielle danmarksmesterskab i den digitale motorsport, og allerede i debutsæsonen markerede serien sig om en af Europas største ligaer indenfor organiseret digital motorsport. Hele 150 danske kørere deltog i mesterskabet, deriblandt kendte profiler så som Aston Martin-køreren Nicki Thiim, Lamborghini-køreren Dennis Lind og BMW-køreren Mikkel Jensen. At flere deltagere uden erfaring fra virkelige racerbiler også var helt fremme feltet beviste, at den digitale motorsport har et utroligt bredt sigte.

Når 2019/2020-sæson skydes i gang den 6. november bliver det i alliance med en ny stor samarbejdspartner og et endnu mere organiseret setup, hvor mesterskabsvinderen honoreres med en test i en ægte racerbil på en racerbane. Præmien er for deltagere, der er fyldt 18 år, men uden aktiv banesportslicens, og vinderne kan også se frem til et hav af andre præmier.

– Vores mål er at blive Skandinaviens førende promotor indenfor digitale motorsportsevents og blande os med de førende i Europa. Vi vil arrangere publikumsvenlige events, og i den kommende sæson vil vi fortsat livestreame løb med professionelle kommentatorer og således gøre det endnu mere attraktivt for både kørere, fans, sponsorer og samarbejdspartnere at blive en del af Danish Esport Racing Championship, forklarer direktør i Esport Racing, Thor Qualmann.

Den nye sæson fortsætter det lettilgængelige koncept, hvor alle kørere stiller op i ens racerbiler med et setup, som er defineret af serien. På denne måde sikres det, at enhver deltager kan dyste mod nogle af verdens bedste racerkørere uden at skulle være uddannet i motorsportens ingeniørkunst. Mesterskabet tæller otte baner, som vælges via fælles afstemning, og der køres to løb á 25 minutter på hver løbsdag. Løbene transmitteres live på Youtube og Facebook.

Indleder strategisk samarbejde med Formula

– Det glæder os samtidig at kunne fortælle, at Danish Esport Racing Championship i år har indgået et partnerskab med den danske importør af Ferrari og Maserati, Formula. Samarbejdet har blandt meget andet gjort det muligt at belønne mesterskabsvinderen med en test i en ægte Ferrari 488 Challenge med mere end 600 hestekræfter på en racerbane, forklarer Thor Qualmann.

Formula meddeler, at det er den kraftigt stigende interesse for digital motorsport, som har fået virksomheden til at involvere sig i det virtuelle danske motorsportsmesterskab, og man ser store muligheder i samarbejdet med Esport Racing.

– Motorsporten er en del af vores forretning og dermed et grundelement hel virksomhedens DNA. Med vores eget team, Formula Racing, deltager vi i store internationale mesterskaber verden over, mens vi samtidig er dybt involveret i karting. Vores filosofi har altid været at fremme mulighederne for at komme ind i motorsporten, og sammen med Esport Racing ser vi en spændende vej ind i en verden, hvor alle motorsportsinteresserede, såvel amatører som professionelle, kan dyrke deres passion i organiserede rammer, samtidig med at man får lov til at udfordre sig selv mod nogle af verdens bedste, uden at skulle investere millioner. Du kan stille op fra din hjemmeadresse, og det kræver blot en PC, et rat og et sæt pedaler for at være med, lyder det fra direktør hos Formula Automobile, Jesper Viskum Schak.

– Vi ser væksten i digital motorsport som et klart udtryk for, at der er nye og spændende tider på vej i såvel dansk som international motorsport. Og at vi har valgt at investere betragteligt i det skyldes, at vi vil være med til at professionalisere den digitale motorsport på samme måde, som vi har set de i andre digitale sportsgrene. Vores ambition er på sigt at gøre digital motorsport lige så populært som andre grene af e-sporten, således at udøvere vil få mulighed for at dyrke det som en levevej.

Facts om Danish Esport Racing Championship

Danish Esport Racing Championship (DERC) er et danmarksmesterskab i den digitale motorsport under Dansk Automobil Sports Union og Danmarks Idræts Forbund. Ligaen organiseres af ESR. I første sæson talte DERC 150 deltagere, heriblandt talentfulde kørere indenfor digital motorsport såvel som kendte racerkørere fra virkelighedens motorsport. DERC afvikles i simulatorspillet iRacing, og reglerne er simple: Alle deltagere kører i samme Ferrari 488-racerbil med samme låste setup-indstillinger. Før hvert DERC-løb afvikles der prækvalifikation. Prækvalifikationen afgør serverfordelingen ud fra deltagernes hurtigste tider. På hver løbsdag køres to løb á 25 minutter. Løbene sendes som live broadcast på YouTube.

KALENDER 2019/2020

Banerne vælges ved afstemning. Puljen består af Monza, Suzuka, Circuit de Catalunya, Spa-Francorchamps, Imola, Bathurst, Silverstone, Circuit De Gilles Villeneuve og Circuit of the Americas. Otte af ni baner vil blive benyttet

  1. løbsdag: 6. november
  2. løbsdag: 27. november
  3. løbsdag: 18. december
  4. løbsdag: 8. januar
  5. løbsdag: 29. januar
  6. løbsdag: 19. februar
  7. løbsdag: 11. marts
  8. løbsdag: 1. april

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