Improve your real life skills, virtually. The ESR Stage 3 Simulator is made for ambitious drivers and has been tested by professional racers in order to give you the best possible experience.

The ESR Stage 3 Simulator is a customized Sim Lab P1X rig with features that creates the best possible driving position. With infinite adjustability and the highest possible sturdiness, this rig is perfectly suitable for the high forces created by the direct drive wheel base and load cell pedals.

No matter if you are a professional, amateur or rookie, ESR offers you a variety of product that’ll suit your needs, preferences and budget. With great experience within both the digital and real motorsport, we combine the two worlds through professional expertise.

The Simulator is delivered in a wooden box. Only the monitor and the computer need to be mounted manually. All software has been pre installed and test, you only need to assign your own payment details in order to get started racing in the digital motorsport. 

Prices starting from 8400€.