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PECCDK : Strategic fights at Daytona

The expectations for a dramatic race were met to a very high level, when the fourth section of the Porsche Esport Carrera Cup Denmark was held at Daytona International Speedway.Be fast - and smart...
PECCDK : Lasse Bak defends his lead

PECCDK : Lasse Bak defends his lead

Lasse Bak defends his leading position in the official danish sim racing championship, Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark. Mikkel Gade takes most points in the third round of the championship.Iconic Track Once again it was time for an exciting race in the official...

ESR joins newly established network

ESR joins newly established network

E-sport has grown into a multi million industry worldwide, and Denmark is part of the leading powers. E-sport is a new industry in growth, where there is a need for a meeting point for coordination of e-sports business-oriented and political agendas.The purpose of the...

What we do

ESR is a e-sports agency, which specialises in arranging and executing leagues, competitions and events in Digital Motorsport. We believe in the Entertainment value and work purposefully with the successful execution of National and International Competitions.

We create the optimal competitive conditions for professional Esport Drivers and Team.

ESR counts a team of total 14 people.

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