European Digital Motorsport Cup. EDMC is an international collaboration between several national motorsport organizations in Europe. The best Digital Motorsport Drivers and Pro Motorsport Drivers will be on the starting grid to represent their countries.

Race of Nations


Digital Motorsport Drivers 

Invited by the national ASN or Promotor
Mainly digital motorsport experience

Pro Motorsport Drivers

Invited by the national ASN or Promotor
Race Drivers with achievements in motorsport

Only the national promotor or ASN is validated to sign up the national driver line up for the event.

General Information


  • It is not possible to sign up individually for this event
  • All participants will be invited by their national ASN or validated Promotor
  • All teams includes both digital motorsport drivers and pro racing drivers
  • Each nation has a Team Principal


To get a quick overview of the Event, please download the EDMC presentation by clicking on the icon.


Click on the icon to download the regulations.

The event will have minimum 3 Live Race Stewards and several spotters. In addition, the judges also process complaints after the races. Alle Race Stewards have been carefully chosen. No judges are allowed to make decision in situations which include their fellow country men. 


Date March 2021
Time 12:00 AM CET
Platform iRacing
Track Spa Francorchamps
Grid Max 50 Cars
Car Dallara LMP2
Race Duration 120 min
Driver Type Digital Motorsport Drivers
Pro Motorsport Drivers
Setup Fixed
Weather Conditions
Track Conditions
Track State Starting state 50% . Carry over
Race Stewards Live Race Stewards
Fast Repair 1
Start Procedure Rolling Start
Incident Limit 51 incidents, Stop’n’go
59 incidents, disqualify
Drivers Briefing Mandatory
Qualify Type 2 Laps Lone Qualify
Pit Stop Mandatory Driver Change at 45min + 1 lap

Time Schedule 

Practice 12:00 AM – 1:40 PM
Drivers Briefing (mandatory) 1:40 PM – 1:55 PM
Qualify (open qualify) 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Race 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM