New challengers came to the top of the championship position after an exciting round at Imola, where Lasse Bak maintained the lead, while especially Bastian Buus impressed with ice-cold driving.

Italian classic
Wild matches were pre-judged in the second Round of the Porsche Esport Carrera Cup Denmark. The season’s second round of the Danish championship in digital motorsport was in fact reserved for the Italian Track, Imola, which according to TV 2’s motorsport commentator Jens Winther is a course that separates the amateurs from the experts.

“Imola is from the fifties, where race tracks were still built with incredibly long long sides and good height differences. This means that the car in some places becomes very easy and challenging to steer, which gives some terrific races, “

In the live studio at TV 2 SPORT, the Host, Ulrik Jönsson, had invited the newly crowned champion of the American sports car championship, Mikkel Jensen.

“Imola is a bold but also very demanding course. You have to work completely differently with the car when it gets light over the hills. At the same time, you have to hit the curve just right, and preferably quite violently, to reach the fast lap times. It is an oldschool race track where you have to know your stuff to win, ” 


Race 1

After another extremely close qualification, where the first 19 cars were within just one second of each other’s lap times, it was Lasse Bak (FYRA SimSport), who for the second division in a row took pole position for the first race – this time followed by teammate Mikkel Gade and Anton Güllich (Odense Gokart Hall). However, Güllich already lost his position to Martin Christensen during the start of the race, and thus three teammates from FYRA SimSport were temporarily able to close out the top three places. However, they drove like each other’s worst rivals, and in the fifth lap it was bumper to bumper down the extremely fast long side of Imola – incidentally with an Anton Güllich in the heels of a fourth place. The four-leaf clover distanced itself from the rest of the field, but soon another FYRA SimSport driver, Kevin Nielsen, fought his way to the group. In the end, it was Lasse Bak, who for the second time this season could call himself a race winner, followed by Mikkel Gade and Martin Christensen, while Anton Güllich managed to defend his fourth place against Kevin Nielsen in fifth place.

Race 2

With the 12 best placed cars from the first heat placed in reverse order to the second heat, it was the teammates Asger Radsted and Mathias H. Jensen (VG Racing Apex Academy) who had to start P1 and P2 respectively with Frederik Kjeldgaard Jørgensen (Porsche Danmark Esport Racing ) and Casper Lund (P1 Esport) in the second row. Bastian Buus (Porsche Denmark Esport Racing) got off to a good start and put together with teammate Kjeldgaard an attack attempt on the VG Racing cars, but without success. While Kjeldgaard later smoked off the field and lost places, Buus continued the fight in third place, followed by a series of exciting and nerve-wracking laps, where Buus first took second place from Martin H. Jensen – and in the last laps conquered the lead from Asger Radsted in an impressive and icy overtaking in the Tamburello harassment. This triggered the season’s first victory for Bastian, while Asger Radsted and Mathias H. Jensen followed in second and third place with FYRA SimSport drivers Kevin Nielsen and Mikkel Gade in fourth and fifth place.

Lasse Bak still in the lead

The outcome of the second Round meant a change in the top of the championship position, where Lasse Bak still has the lead, while Casper Lund (P1 Esport) drops several positions and has to hand over second place to Mikkel Gade. Martin Christensen also had a bad day at Imola and has to give up his third place to Bastian Buus, while Christensen himself moves down to a continued fourth place. The next section of the Porsche Esport Carrera Cup Denmark will take place on the virtual version of the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps on Wednesday 22nd of December and will be broadcasted live on TV 2 SPORT from 5.30 pm.