Lørdag den 20. august klokken 12:00 – 14:00 afvikler Esport Racing et show-løb på ESR standen til Auto Show i Odense Kongrescenter. I løbet deltager racerkørere, sim-racere, streamere m.fl.


ESR inviterer hermed alle udstillere med en simulator på standen til Auto Show, til weekendens sjoveste virtuelle racerløb. Hver udstiller skal stille med én Pro kører. Pro køreren bliver sat sammen med en AM kører. ESR sætter holdene. Herefter kører Pro og AM køreren på samme simulator på de forskellige stande. Løbet vises på storskærm på ESR standen, hvor det vil være muligt at sidde på tribunen og se løbet. 

AM-kørerne er deltagere, som ikke er bekendt med sim racing eller motorsport generelt. En AM kører kan eksempelvis være en kendis, en streamer eller influencer. En PRO kører er typisk en dygtige sim racer og racerkørere.


Holdene kører træning, kvalifikation og løb. I løbet skal holdet skifte kører cirka halvvejs i løbet. Konkurrencen afvikles i spillet iRacing, bilmodellen bliver en Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020 med Fixed Setup. Bilen har Traction Control og ABS. Banen offentliggøres på dagen. Der køres uden damage.

Deltag fra egen stand

Har jeres virksomhed en stand på Auto Show, er I velkomne til at deltage i dette løb. Det kræver at I har adgang til internettet og har en bruger i iRacing. Derudover skal I have én PRO kører. ESR sætter denne PRO kører sammen med en AM kører. ESR sætter holdene for at undgå at de to kører kan træne sammen før eventen. 


Lørdag den 20.08.2022

  • Offentliggørelse af hold 11:30 – Foran tribunen på ESR’s stand
  • Drivers Briefing 11:35 – Foran tribunen på ESR’s stand
  • Træning 11:45 – In-game
  • Kvalifikation 12:20 – In-game
  • Løb (20 minutters varighed) 12:30 – In-game
  • Præmieoverrækkelse 13:00 – Foran tribunen på ESR’s stand


Ønsker I at deltage i Team Sprint løbet bedes I kontakte :  

Thor Qualmann
Esport Racing ApS
+45 23 95 64 88 

Fantastic Final

Fantastic Final

The Final Round of the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark was held as a live event on the Gamebox Festival in Herning.

14 Finalist were driving live on stage with national TV broadcast and a live audience counting roughly 1000 people. The Danish TV celebrity, Felix Smith, was host at the event venue, with the company of Race Driver, Jan Magnussen.

The two final races had some of the best fights so far in the season. The fight stood between the two championship contenders, Mikkel Gade (FYRA SimSport) Lasse Bak (Team Flexleasing.nu) and Kevin Nielsen (FYRA SimSport)

Check out the final standings in Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark via this link

Porsche x ESR

During the three days Gamebox Festival, ESR and Porsche was having time attack competitions as well as on PRO / AM Race. The PRO drivers counted drivers from the Danish Championship, the AM drivers was invited streamers, tv celebritires and influencers. The race caught great attention, with a big audience around the booth during the entertaining race.

In the ESR Time Attack competition, more than 500 people participated during the three days.

The two fastest drivers from the ESR Time Attack were brought to the live show , in order to compete in a 2-lap time qualify against each other, during the warm up between the two races. The winner won a passenger hot-lap in a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup racer, number two won a Gaming Monitor sponsored by Shark Gaming.



The final round of the Official Danish Championship in Digital Motorsport, the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark, will be held in connection with the Gamebox Festival on 23 April.

The festival takes place in MCH Messecenter Herning, where it will be possible for the first time to watch the digital race as a spectator. TV Host Felix Smith will, together with Race Driver Jan Magnussen, entertain the audience, while the commentators from TV 2 SPORT comment on the two races live.

“We are excited to be part of Denmark’s largest gaming festival and look forward to involving spectators in the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark for the first time. In addition to the final, you can find Porsche Denmark and ESR – Esport Racing at the festival all weekend, where you have the opportunity to try your hand at a simulator, win great prizes and hang out with us in the Porsche lounge” Says Ann-Sophie Dam, Porsche Denmark

Find tickets for Gamebox Festival here or watch TV 2 SPORT or TV 2 PLAY, when Ulrik Jönsson, Jens Winther and Mikkel Jensen broadcast live from the finals.


Are you the fastest man behind the wheel of a virtual Porsche Cayman GT4? If you can step on the accelerator and at the same time keep the car on the track, you have the chance to win the coolest prizes at Porsche Denmark’s stand at Gamebox in Herning.

Everyone who participates on Friday and Saturday is vying to end up in a head-to-head time trial competition. This competition takes place on stage during Saturday’s final in the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark.


  • Winner of time attack head-to-head: High Speed ​​Passenger Tour in Porsche Race Car
  • Number two in time attack head-to-head: 34 ”Shark Gaming Monitor
  • Winner of Sunday’s Time Attack: Steelseries Arctic Gaming Headset
  • Sparco Hyper Gaming Gloves

Porsche Denmark, Shark Gaming, Steelseries, Sparco


On Saturday 23 April at 12:00, Porsche Denmark and ESR will hold a show race at the Porsche stand in hall M for Gamebox Festival 2022. During the race, race drivers, streamers and other well-known Danes will compete.

The competition is only for invited participants, who form a total of six teams after the draw. The teams consist of AM riders and PRO riders. The AM drivers are participants who are not familiar with sim racing or motorsport in general. AM can, for example, consist of celebrities or streamers, where PRO drivers will typically consist of skilled sim racers and race drivers.

The teams receive 45 minutes of training, after which qualification is run for 10 minutes followed by a race of 20 minutes. Here, the team must change runs midway through the race. The competition takes place in the game iRacing on the track Hockenheim National, and the car model will be a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 with Fixed Setup.

ESR x Auto Show 2022

ESR x Auto Show 2022

We are happy to announce that we will be attending on the Autoshow Exhibition in Odense Messecenter 2022. The Exhibition is among the biggest in Denmark, expecting more than 20.000 visitors.

As the leading e-sport organizer in Denmark and especially known for the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark, we will manage the simulator activities on the exhibition.

We are very pleased with the collaboration with Auto Show and we look forward to introducing even more people to the world of sim racing. At the ESR booth we arrange competitions, as a guest you can try one of our professional simulators ” says the Managing Director of ESR, Thor Qualmann.

E-sport will be the new activity on Auto Show and as the show is already about cars and motorsport, Sim Racing is definetly relevant.

We ourselves are big fans of sim racing and we would like to introduce that part of the e-sport to our guests. That is why we contacted the leaders in sim racing in Denmark. ESR is a great match for what we want with e-sports for the Auto Show. A dedicated and professional team – just like our own trade fair team ” explains co-organizer of Auto Show, Kasper Erling

The ESR booth is built around a 12 meter long grandstand, where guests can sit and experience the excitement of simulator races, which are shown on a big screen. Of course, it is also possible to try the simulators yourself, and we promise lots of exciting competitions, celebrity races and much more.

Auto Show will take place the 20th and 21st of August 2022 in Odense Congress Center.