ESR is an e-sports agency that specializes in arranging and running leagues, competitions and events in the Digital Motorsport. We believe in the entertainment value of Digital Motorsport and work purposefully to become the leaders in the settlement of major national and international competitions within the Digital Motorsport.

Through a collaborative partnership with national and international motorsport governing bodies and organizations, we create the optimal conditions for professional e-sport drivers and teams. ESR cooperates with the Danish Motorsport Federation, DASU. The activities covers both grass root projects such as the ESR Intro Series, in which the participants achieve knowledge about Digital Motorsport as well as being guided through the world of equipment.


ESR has a strong structure, they are well organised, professional and still remember to make room for everyone.”

– Marco Sørensen, 2 x FIA World Endurance Champion

The cooperation also covers the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Danmark, which is held under the national sporting code of the Danish Motorsport Federation.

In 2021 ESR is the organizer of the European Digital Motorsport Cup, an event which was made possible through cooperation with the FIA Working Group, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and Poland.

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The past 5 years have seen esports in explosive international growth. Media throughout platforms are interested in broadcasting the sport and major live events have been held around the globe. Skilled players make multiple millions as full time esports athletes. This emerging market has sparked investments into the sport from a growing number of businesses. 

During the pandemic of COVID19 the growth of Digital Motorsport has been hard to oversee.  Digital motorsport got the big breakthrough on March 22, when both eNASCAR and virtual Formula One races were shown on TV in place of canceled races. The eNASCAR race drew 910,000 viewers, fewer than the three million typical for NASCAR but more than the 400,000 typical for a virtual race.

Even though you are sat at home in front of your computer screen, you still get to apply many of the same techniques as in real-life racing.”

– Nicki Thiim, 2 x FIA World Endurance Champion

Pro drivers have sneaked unannounced into online competitions for years. For fans, it’s like joining a pickup basketball game and finding LeBron James on the court. Carmakers see the brand-building value of games. Chevrolet made news when its simulated C8.R mid-engine Corvette joined iRacing’s IMSA series in September. Chevy, like manufacturers as varied as Mazda and McLaren, licenses its vehicles to dozens of games including iRacing, Forza, Project CARS and Gran Turismo Sport.



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ESR focus purposefully on the synergies between virtual and real-life motorsport. In June 2019, the 12 best placed sim racers from the inaugural season in Danish Esport Racing Championship got to exchange their prizes at FDM Jyllandsringen. A requirement to win this prize was the participants had never held a track racing license. The day very quickly showed that the quickest sim racers, were also the quickest when racing real-life race cars on a real-life racetrack. ESR place great emphasis on achieving real connection among the members. This, in turn, returns a better tone on chat boards and more respectful behaviour on track, when racing takes competitors wheel to wheel in the virtual racing.

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Since ESR started up the danish ESR – iRacing Community in 2018, it has grown to almost 1400 members. The biggest age group is 25-34.

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Our ultimate Goal is to be the best Digital Motorsport Promotor Company in the world.

The Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Denmark is the top championship of ESR. It is the official danish digital motorsport championship, held in cooperation with the Danish Motorsport Federation. This Championship is, beside iRacing Coca Cola Nascar series, the first ever championships to be broadcasted on a national TV channel.  

In this championship we create stories about our drivers. This is done through content made for social media and short programs in before and after the races.



Only the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Danmark is covered live on TV2 Sport. For other activities we normally use Youtube.


Following chart shows the viewers of the current Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Danmark. (ongoing) Going from the Youtube broadcast to national tv broadcast shows a clear improvement in the number of viewers. 


These numbers are 2020 data from the ESR Esport Racing facebook page. The data is a combination of organic and payed content. 


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We invite sponsors and partners into a new and exciting e-sport universe. A universe enjoying an unprecedented synergy between the virtual and real-life. Through ESR, your business will receive increased exposure throughout Internet Media, gain access to bespoke events, giving a taste of e-sport to customers and employees alike, and through this achieve a very unique opportunity to exploit the potential e-sport brings. It is partnering with the exclusivity and attractiveness of motorsport, while staying CO2 neutral.

As our partner, your business will support an ever-rapidly growing community within both national and international digital motorsport. Throughout this community, a passion for both virtual and real-life motorsport is shared. ESR takes the next step toward a professionally organized setup, allowing the world’s best digital race drivers can compete against each other.

ESR employs a clear vision for partnerships. Partnering with us is not just exposure of a logo. ESR is ready and able to tailor every individual partnership solution according to the partners wishes, while at the same time provide ideas and real innovation, based on our experience. Our focus is always to provide the maximum impact of the cooperation, and together we build our community and championships to become world-leading in digital motorsport.

Tailored sponsorships Increased exposure on national and international media Using every PR opportunity and create a news worthy story of the partnership. Promote directly to your target audience within e-sports and support a fast-growing community which share the same passion.

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